...Choose you this day whom ye will serve, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

As most of you know, Elijah is a honeymoon baby. How soon do you think that Mike and I will get pregnant, again?

Playing at the Hancheys!

AUGUST 01, 2008

Elijah and I spent the night at the Hancheys so that we could help out and watch Madison, and to spend some bonus time with them before we head over seas.
I think Elijah was a little enamored with Madison... She was a great entertainer to say the least!

He's sitting on his own!

AUGUST 01, 2008

Okay, so MAYBE I'm a little hard on him! "Technically" Elijah's BEEN sitting on his own, but not steadily, as I put him on our pillow top bed which DOES make it harder for a learner to master his skill.
...Guess that's why I was so surprised to see him sitting upright unsupported for a good bit without toppling over. We've started practicing on a "real surface"... the floor!
Of course I have him surrounded in pillows b/c the in-laws have hard wood floors in some of the rooms.
Regardless, he was bouncing all over the place and catching himself without falling. Well, for a good bit, anyway!
Way to go, Elijah!
Mommy and Daddy are SO proud of you!

TWO Teeth and Counting...

AUGUST 01, 2008

Within the matter of one week, Elijah went from one tooth to TWO TEETH!
It really is amazing how quickly babies grow up!

Green Peas and Fussy Fits

JULY 31, 2008

Today Elijah had his first try at Green Peas. He didn't seem to have much of a reaction, so I wanted to try the Sweet Potatoes again. Still... the funny face was made with the sweet potatoes. Haha... At least he'll still eat them!

Afterward he started throwing his little fussy fits. He's not crying. He's not screaming. He's just fussing. Fussing, Fussing, FUSSING. I can't wait until he can speak! WHAT is WRONG, Elijah??? lol.
Gotta love the little guy! ;)

Pimpen "Hef" Style

JULY 29, 2008

Only Elijah a Hugh Hefner can get away with wearing a robe all day!
.... He just melts my heart. Have I told you that already today??? ;)

He's DEFINITELY drinking his MILK!

JULY 28, 2008

I decided to take a picture of my little angel in his bassinet because he is WAY too large for it and I thought it was funny. (We're in "limbo" status with our living, people. I don't have the crib!)
I was in utter disbelief when I saw pictures side by side of him as a newborn, and him NOW in it!
...And it's only been 5 MONTHS!
One word: Wow!

Sorry ladies... I'm TAKEN!

JULY 28, 2008

I just had to show off this ADORABLE Onesie that Sonya and Gabriella sent Elijah.
(For all of you that don't know... Gabriella is Elijah's girlfriend). =)
Thanks 'gals! We LOVE the outfit... AND the precious bib that I'm deathly afraid to USE b/c I don't want to RUIN it!

If he becomes anymore of a "HAM", he won't be allowed IN Kuwait!!!

JULY 28, 2008

Surgery... AGAIN?!

JULY 26, 2008

My mom has had some continuous health problems for a while now. She's already had congestive heart failure, and has two stints put in her arteries due to blocked blood flow. I was informed that there was yet another part of her heart that was not getting appropriate blow flow due to 70% blockage of another artery.

I'm happy to say that she is okay, but had to get another stint put in (yes, it's her 3rd one).
For anyone who is reading this, please just pray that her health will get better.
After all, I'm not ready to say goodbye...

Elijah and I went to visit her for a little bit. At least Elijah put a smile on her face!

Laura came to visit!

JULY 24, 2008

Today Laura came to visit! We had a lot of fun... shopping and doing "gal" things, while Grandma Hackett played "babysitter" (Thanks Graciela!).
This was the first time that Laura had seen Elijah since her wedding, so of course he'd changed a good bit. Laura is incredible with children, so it was neat watching her and Elijah play. She'll be a fantastic mother someday (Sooner than later, "Larsh"!...HINT, HINT)!
However; it WAS a bit surreal! It seems like just yesterday we were pre-teens playing "Marco-Polo" in the backyard pool. WOW, how the time flies!


JULY 24, 2008

If my son gets ANY CUTER, I SERIOUSLY don't think I can take it!!!!
I know that I've asked this before, but WHERE did he learn how to pose like that???
I don't understand how someone born so perfect can get even cuter with every passing day!
...Something that I ponder at ever glance his way...

Sweet Potatos are a no go, but we're not quitters!

JULY 24, 2008

It's been one week since we tried Rice Cereal with Elijah, and today I was THRILLED to start a new food! Yay for Sweet Potatos!
Unfortunately, Elijah didn't have the same reaction that I did... BUT we're not quitters!
He ate it anyway, and I'm SURE he'll adjust to the new taste. However; I could not RESIST his reaction! Goodness, it was precious!

He's Cutting!

JULY 20, 2008

Yes, we know that it's early, but our little Angel is CUTTING his TEETH! =)
Currently there is only one starting to poke through his gums (his bottom left front tooth, which is on the right for all of you looking at the picture... lol).
His top front teeth are right at the surface, but not poking through yet.
Poor little guy has been in pain, but he's a trooper!

What to make of these BUBBLES?!

JULY 19, 2008

I had bought Elijah some bubbles and wanted to see his reaction to them. While he was in his jumper I decided to pull them out and give them a try.
Well, I don't think he knew WHAT to make of it! lol...
Check it out:

I HAD to capture it on video!

JULY 18, 2008

As you know, we started Elijah on Organic Rice Cereal. Well, I just HAD to capture it on video! I'm so proud of our little man! (The video would only download directly to this site once edited short). Now we have TWO versions:



Sitting like a BIG BOY!

JULY 17, 2008

I've been working on "Sitting" with Elijah. He's not quite ready yet, but I am SO proud of him for working so hard. He has moments sitting completely unsupported, but of course he's too young to be consistent. Regardless, he's getting used to being "upright". I think propping him against the couch (for example) has helped in at least creating an "interest" in being upright.
Now that he's "eating", this whole "big boy thing" just may be appealing to him! ;)

First Time Feeding

JULY 17, 2008

While visiting the Dr. sometime last week, I brought up the subject of "feeding". Although she doesn't like to start some children on food until 6 months, she felt that Elijah was more than ready to GO FOR IT! Yay!

Today was our first go at Organic Rice Cereal. He was SUCH a trooper! He didn't reject it at ALL! I'm so proud of our little guy! He's SUCH a quick learner... and if anything like his mommy and daddy... a PRO EATER! ;)

I'm excited to see what other foods he'll enjoy!

Our Angel Hit Another Milestone!

JULY 13, 2008

Today Elijah rolled from his belly to his back! He's been rolling from his back to his belly, but now both ways! We're so excited for him... and of course, proud of him! He's rolling everywhere! lol!

In addition, he's just now starting to like the mirror. Not sure why it's taken him this long, as before he HATED to look at himself... But today he LOVED it! He was talking and laughing at himself! I'm a little bummed that I didn't capture video footage, but it was just precious!

Gabriella and Elijah sitting in a tree...

JULY 12, 2008

Lol... Okay, Okay. So Elijah "Gets around"! What can I say, he LOVES his ladies! haha.

Today Elijah and I visited the Parkers. Yep, he got to see little Gabriella for the first time in a month or so. Goodness, they were just IRRESISTIBLE together! I promise you, NONE of the pictures were "posed". We just put them side-by-side and they went at it! Yes, I think we have a future marriage on our hands!

Happy 5 Month Birthday, Elijah!

JULY 11, 2008

Today Elijah turns 5 months! I can't believe how quickly the time flies by!
Unfortunately Daddy wasn't able to be here, but of COURSE he wouldn't let his baby boy go empty handed! Mike sent Elijah an E-Birthday Card, in which I read to him. It brought tears to my eyes b/c I know how much Mike wants to be with him and hold him.
The least I could do was take a pic of the E-Card for Elijah's scrapbook...

I love that he'll be able to look back, years down the road, and know that Daddy was never away in spirit nor in heart.
Happy 5 month birthday, Elijah. You're loved far greater than you will ever know. That is, until you have a precious little angel of your own. ;)

Elijah and Maddison Sitting in a Tree...

JULY 09, 2008

Last night Elijah and I went to the Hancheys for the night.
It was nice to "hang" with the gang.

Later that night Maddison and I played "catch", while Elijah was watching near by in his Jumper. Apparently playing catch is funny now-a-days, as Elijah kept cracking up as the ball flew through the air. Of COURSE his laugh turned contagious...
Summer, Maddison, Elijah and I were all laughing for about 30 minutes straight.
It was just adorable!


JULY 04, 2008

Today I got so much joy celebrating Elijah's first Fourth of July with him! (Of course it wasn't complete without the love of our lives across seas)...

The Hackett Granparents invited us both to a friends BBQ...
Well, the pictures speak for themselves!
...And YES, the red/white/blue outfit was intentional!

I couldn't resist another photo shoot...

JULY 03, 2008

I just couldn't resist another photo shoot!
(Get over it people!) ;)

Can he get any cuter?

JUNE 29, 2008

I just had to post this pic...
GOODNESS, he melts my heart!


JUNE 27, 2008

Mike had been gone for almost week, but had been only a few hours away (South GA).
I took Elijah and headed down to see him for a few nights before his official take-off over seas.

We got a really nice suite to stay in, but we didn't get to spend much time together, as he was over-loaded with things to do. At this point any time is better than no time.
We did, however, get a chance to take Elijah to the pool for his first swim!

We were SO excited! We bought some "little swimmers" (diapers made for the water), put on his "Tommy Hilfiger" bathing suit, and headed to the water. I guess I was expected a huge reaction... only to get nothing more than a "neutral" one. lol...
I'm not sure if Elijah was distracted by the other kids, but he didn't even act like he knew he was IN the water! Oh well... at least he LOOKED cute! ;)
OH, and at least I know he didn't HATE the water!

Obviously before we headed home, we had to face the dreaded... GOODBYE.
It broke my heart to watch Mike kiss Elijah for the last time (for a while), and to know that Elijah won't get to see or be held by his daddy.
In addition, I thought of all the things that Mike will miss Elijah do while he is gone (Thank GOODNESS for 1. Web cams 2. Video Cameras and 3. Cameras).
I know we will only be separated for a short while, but at Elijah's age, SO much changes in a short period of time.

As I drove away in tears, I knew that we were making the right decision... and although I was in emotional pain, I had peace... and still have peace. We will miss our "Mikey" dearly... and baby, we will see you soon! Be careful over there! We love and ADORE you!

Washington D.C. here we come!

JUNE 19, 2008

We went to Washington D.C. so that Mike could finish some paper work at his corporate office before he heads out to Kuwait.
Elijah and I will not be far behind...

Needless to say, in that short span, we will miss him dearly. We're trying to spend as much time together as we can until then.

The trip was short but sweet (Although the ride to and from with Elijah was
M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E! Let's just say he was SICK of being in the car seat!!)
We got to site see, although most of it was from INSIDE the car.
Most importantly, we got to spend more time together. ;)

We're Moving to Kuwait!

JUNE 13, 2008

Okay, so this may come as a shock to some of you, but Mike has accepted a contracting position in Kuwait City, Kuwait. Although it sounds scary, Mike has been there twice before, spending a total of 2.5 years there. In addition, I've done a lot of research and networking and have befriended a lot of American females who currently live there with their husbands. I've gotten a lot of feedback, and am actually looking forward to the change (and yes, I am welcoming the culture shock).

In having said that, we've started the moving process. Our house is in shambles, and boxes are EVERYWHERE! AAaahh! lol.

Here's BEFORE the move:


I dread moving and cannot WAIT for this process to be over!

Needless to say, our life is chaotic right now...